NEURO EXAM TEMPLATE – comprehensive

Neuro template

Here is a neurological examination template with parenthetical explanations. This can be a helpful reminder.

Mental status:

General: alert, attentive, affect nl

Memory: nl repitition, short-term recall, remote memory (3 presidents)

Language: receptive and expressive language intact

Visuospatial: normal clock-drawing


Shoulder abduction (C5 – deltoid/supraspinatus) 5/5

Shoulder adduction 5/5

Elbow flexion (C5/C6 -biceps brachii – musculocutaneous nerve) 5/5

Elbow extension (C7 -triceps -radial nerve)  5/5

Wrist flexion (C7 – FCR/FCU – median/ulnar) 5/5

Wrist extension (C6 – ECR/ECU – radial nerve) 5/5

Finger adduction (T1-interossei-ulnar) 5/5

Thumb radial abduction (C7 – APL – radial nerve) 5/5

Thumb opposition (C8/T1 -opponens pollicis – median nerve) 5/5

Hip flexion (L1/L2 – iliopsoas muscle) 5/5

Hip extension (L5/S1 – gluteus maximus muscle) 5/5

Knee flexion (L5/S1 -hamstrings -sciatic nerve) 5/5

Knee extension (L3/L4 -quadriceps femoris muscle -femoral nerve) 5/5

Ankle dorsiflexion (L4/L5 -tibialis anterior muscle -deep peroneal nerve) 5/5

Ankle plantarflexion (S1 – gastrocnemius muscle -tibial nerve) 5/5

Ankle eversion (L5/S1 -peroneus longus/brevis – superficial peroneal nerve) 5/5

Ankle inversion (L4/L5 -tibialis posterior muscle – tibial nerve) 5/5

Extensor hallucis longus (L4/L5 – EHL/EDLs – deep peroneal nerve) 5/5

Flexor hallucis longus (S1 – FHL, FDLs – tibial nerve)  5/5


Lateral spinothalamic – pinprick, temperature nl

Dorsal columns – proprioception nl

Cortical – graphesthesia nl, proprioception nl


Biceps, triceps, brachioradialis, patellar, achilles nl and symmetric

Babinski nl

Cranial nerves:

ii – vision intact

iii,iv, vi – eomi

v – facial sensation symmetrical

vii – facial movement symmetrical

viii – audition intact

ix/x – oropharyngeal motor function nl

xi – shoulder shrug symmetrical

xii – tongue motor function nl


gait normal

finger to nose testing nl

heel to shin testing nl


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