For quick reference. Note that nerve root mapping has overlap and can have variations.


Movement Muscle Nerve Nerve root Remarks
Shoulder forward flexion Deltoid




C5 Deltoid abduction 15-90.


Shoulder external rotation Infraspinatus Suprascapular C5/6  
Elbow flexion biceps brachii musculocutaneous C5/6  
Elbow extension Triceps radial nerve C6/C7  
Wrist flexion FCR




Wrist extension ECRB/ECRL (C6)

ECU (C7)

Radial C6/C7  
Wrist abduction (radial flexion) FCR Median C7  
Wrist adduction (ulnar flexion) FCU Ulnar C8  
Fingers 2-5 Flexion FDP/FDS Median nerve (ulnar for DIP 4/5) C8  
Fingers 2-5 Extension extensor digitorum Radial (posterior IO branch) C7  
Fingers 2-5 Abduction Dorsal interossei Ulnar nerve T1  
Fingers 2-5 Adduction Palmar interossei Ulnar nerve T1  
Thumb palmar abduction Abd Pollicis Brevis Median T1  
Thumb radial abduction Abd pollicis longus Radial nerve (posterior IO) C7  
Thumb opposition Opponens pollicis Median C8 T1  



Here is what a normal example might look like:


Shoulder FF 5/5

Shoulder ER 5/5

Elbow flexion 5/5

Elbow extension 5/5

Wrist flexion 5/5

Wrist extension 5/5

Finger flexion 5/5

Finger extension 5/5

Finger abduction/adduction 5/5

Thumb radial abduction 5/5

Thumb palmar abduction 5/5


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