Movement Muscle Nerve Nerve root Sensory role

(of nerve)

Hip flexion iliopsoas Femoral nerve L1/2/3    
Hip extension Gluteus maximus Inferior gluteal nerve L4/L5/S1    
Hip abduction Gluteus medius  and minimum Superior gluteal nerve L4/L5/S1    
Hip adduction Hip adductors (adductor longus) Obturator nerve L2/3/L4 Medial thigh (small area)  
Knee flexion Hamstrings Sciatic nerve L5/S1    
Knee extension Quadriceps femoris Femoral nerve L3/4 Medial thigh and leg Patient may walk backward (with extended knee), but not forward (patellar reflex)
Ankle dorsiflexion, inversion Tibialis anterior Deep peroneal L4/5 1st webspace Slapping gait of foot drop
Ankle plantarflexion Gastrocnemius Tibial nerve S1/S2 Posterolateral leg and foot/heel, plantar foot Can not stand on toes. (Achilles reflex)
Ankle eversion Peroneus longus and brevis Superficial peroneal nerve L5/S1 anterolateral leg, dorsal foot  
Toe extension EHL, EDLs Deep peroneal L5    
Toe flexion FHL, FDLs Tibial nerve S1    


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